Welcome to Waterwatch©

Waterwatch© is a software-based program that provides residential water customers with accurate, individualized information about how they use water at home and outdoors. Recent research indicates that customers who use the program, take action on the recommendations and reduce their water consumption.

The program was developed by Mike Lints, PhD. and Mick Fiato. Both partners had extensive experience with energy audit programs, offered by electric and gas utilities for the benefit of their retail customers.  The Waterwatch© algorithms are based upon similar regression analysis routines, that are employed in energy audits.

Waterwatch© is valuable to customers because it describes - in charts and graphs - how they can reduce water use and save money. The savings result from a reduction in water use, and a reduction in energy costs - used to heat water.

Most water suppliers need to do more customer research - on behavior and end-uses. Waterwatch© is a valuable customer research tool because it allows water suppliers to see what's happening "on the customer side of the meter." With this understanding of customers' water uses, the suppliers can design effective conservation programs that will change customer behavior.

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