Waterwatch© Information

Conditional demand analysis is an econometric modeling technique that uses regression (OLS) methods to break down total household water usage into its constituent parts, each associated with a particular water end use or appliance. We have found that conditional demand analysis is a much better predictor than engineering estimates, which are a starting point, but do not take into consideration behavior and attitudes. 

Waterwatch© uses copyright-protected software to analyze customer behavior, consumption patterns, and quantifies the amount of water consumed by each end-use. The program “engine” builds a statistically valid model that is derived from the survey data provided by the customer, and calibrated by a database of residential water uses maintained by Pencilbrook.

The incentive for customer participation is a household-specific report that contains accurate, individualized information on how water is used in their households..

Waterwatch© was developed by utility program consultant, Mick Fiato and Mike Lints, Sc.D.  Lints created the engineering model, mathematical algorithms and computer code. Ron Northcutt built the web applications, and maintains the web platform and IT environment.

Please see Fact Sheet and Sample Report pages