Cover Letter

This page is the introduction to the Customer Report.  Typically, it informs the customer of the report contents.  However, it can be customized to include anything else the sponsoring water supplier may wish to say. 


February 24, 2011

Scott Residence
123 Bethel Street
Cambridge, CT 04753

Dear Resident:

Enclosed is your Home Waterview® report.

Home Waterview® is a conservation education and information program sponsored by the Cambridge Water Dept. It is designed to help our customers understand how they use water at home, and find ways to save water and money.

This report is the result of a computer analysis of your water bills and the survey of your home water use. It shows how you use water each day, and explains the daily and annual water consumption for each use. The customer report will also show any variations in seasonal water use caused by lawn watering, washing cars and filling pools.

Please note that your report indicates that you may have opportunities to conserve water in your household and save money.

Thank you for your interest in water conservation.


Cambridge, CT Water Department