About Us

Pencilbrook Partners is a consortium of consultants who've teamed to offer a range of specialty services to utility industry clients. Partners include: Mick Fiato, Mike Lints, Frank Gradilone and Steve Cosgrove. Collectively, the partners' experience spans a spectrum of water and energy utility consulting, with particular emphasis on customer research and efficiency programs.

Beginning with energy customer programs in the 1970's. Partners have completed hundreds of consulting, research and program implementation assignments for many of the largest utilities in the US. Notable among the assignments include the following:

  • Large volume, multi-year residential energy audit programs;
  • Large volume, multi-year residential water conservation programs;
  • Large customer, multi-year energy audit programs;
  • Numerous customer research surveys to plan programs, measure satisfaction and assess program efficacy;
  • Water and energy use modeling to identify efficiency opportunities and customer attributes;
  • Rate case research and preparation - customer data collection and analysis, and related consulting;
  • Energy retail choice - developed and implemented customer enrollment programs.

Mick Fiato, BA  - Forty year career focus on developing and delivering energy and water efficiency, and related customer research programs for many US utilities; state and local governments.  Co-developed the Waterwatch survey, used to identify and profile customer behavior, demographics and end-uses.  Work experience was gained from consulting, or direct employment, with companies such as Honeywell DMC; Envision; EMA; Coneco; Nexus EnergySoftware, the Battenkill Group and Pencilbrook.  Considerable experience in software-based, energy and water analysis programs: Button Up (NYPA), Endserve (Honeywell DMC); EnergyGuide and Home Analyzer (Nexus); Waterwatch and Homewaterview (Pencilbrook).  

Mike Lints, PhD - A Ph.D. and Professional Engineer in Mechanical Engineering with extensive experience in water and energy use analysis, power and cogeneration technology assessment, heat transfer analysis, gas pipeline modeling and engineering economics analysis. Co-developer and created analytic routines and algorithms for programs, such as Endserve, Waterwatch and Homewaterview. Dr. Lints has completed numerous modeling and technical evaluation assignments for utilities, institutions and governmental organizations throughout the US.  Additionally, he has consulted on rate cases and provided expert witness testimony before regulatory bodies in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. 

Frank Gradilone, MCRP, MBA - Utility industry professional with 45 years of experience.  Broad range of experience including numerous customer surveys and outreach efforts, water conservation feasibility studies, program management of a multi-phase water conservation program, revenue and tariff design for rate case filings, manager of a customer water line service contract business, short-term revenue and long-term water demand forecasting, business planning and cost-benefit analysis leading to the successful implementation of an automatic meter reading system, business planning and assessment activities, and ongoing provision of marketing and economic environment information to decision-makers. Highly proficient in data modeling and spreadsheets, statistical analysis, reporting and presentation graphics.  

Steven Cosgrove, PhD - Steven has managed and implemented marketing research solutions, as both an internal and external consultant, for over thirty years. He has utilised both primary and secondary data extensively in the areas of: program evaluation,  cstomer satisfaction and  loyalty measurement, service-quality assessment, market segmentation, database development; customer relationship management, marketing and business planning.   He has worked for scores of US utilities to develop and implement of market research databases to support and direct comprehensive marketing plans. In addition, he has created  major utility and planning studies that are designed to generate extensive information on appliance saturation and usage that, in turn, can be used for supply/demand-side planning and forecasting.  Also included is the development of robust statistical models to more precisely monitor and forecast demand.